A Day in The Life Of

Imagine ‘a day in the life’ of you and your beloved dog doing all the things you regularly do, photographed in a natural and creative way that really shows their personality and your relationship with them, what a priceless memory to have of these animals we love so much.

As a wedding photographer I am photographing a very special day in the life of two people and so adopting this kind of photojournalistic approach to photographing a day in the life of people and families with their pets felt perfect for me.

I have a little Border Terrier called ‘Coco’, who I adore, I am forever taking photos of her on our walks in the Kent countryside but would love to have a photos of us together which is why I decided on this concept.


I travel to you and basically spend a day photographing you and your dog in a photojournalistic style doing whatever you regularly do to record a story of your day. For example this probably involves a walk or two, feeding, cuddling (I know I do that), playing with their favourite toy, interacting with other family members and just their life with you.

I then put a collection of these images into a slideshow with a piece of music of your choice as well as a photobook as a treasured keepsake. Of course there is also the option to buy prints and various other products to.

What if you hate having your photograph taken?

This really isn’t a problem, you can be in the photos as much or as little as you choose but during the period of a day you will probably just begin to forget I’m there. As a wedding photographer I’m used to getting people to feel comfortable with me around and the sort of photography I look for means being unobtrusive in how I work.

A Great Gift Idea

Do you sometimes struggle to think of a gift for that someone special who you knows loves their dog? What a unique gift to give them, please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing a Gift Voucher.

How much does it cost?

There is a set basic price and then depending on your location there may be some travel costs to cover. If you drop me an email via the contact form I can give you an accurate quote and explain in more detail what’s involved.